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Justin Aaberg, 1995 - 2010

Tony Jones has a post up on his blog about Justin Aaberg, the 15 year old gay student in Minnesota who hanged himself after suffering the torment of high school bullying.  Tony reminds us that the real issue related to this story is not what is right or wrong sexually, but the safety of children.  But who shows up to comment??? … some ridiculous person calling himself a Christian, talking about loving LGBT people so much that he just has to point out the error of their ways, comparing homosexuality to lying, saying that LGBT people say they don’t choose their sexual identity because “deep down inside” they know it’s wrong … blah blah blah blah blah blah.

If you ask me, people like that are the very source of the bullying, the taunting, the exclusion, the rejection, the cruelty that LGBT people have to endure at school, at the mall, at church, in restaurants, at work and in the comment sections of blogs.  I realize that not everyone who believes the same as this guy acts as horribly but I wanted to point out that the things this guy is saying are never helpful and always damaging – to others, to himself, to Christianity, to society. (You can read his comments for yourself over at Tony’s blog)

And I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he supports Focus On The Family’s position of wanting no mention of homosexuality in schools, because it might encourage kids to be gay.  Yep, you heard me right folks!  An article in the Huffington Post recently pointed out that Focus On The Family, The Family Research Council and other similar groups believe it is tooooooooooooo dangerous for schools to talk openly about the bullying of LGBT kids!!  They’re afraid the mere mention of the topic will prompt impressionable children to suddenly turn gay.