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There is a good article at USA today by Kirsten Powers entitled “Hypocrisy shrouds the gay marriage debate”

Powers points out that we don’t live in a theocracy, therefore, the bible is not a governing legal document of the United States  – the constitution is. She goes on to say that if Christian’s really wanted to use the bible as agoverning legal document they should consider fighting for laws that ban divorce and sex outside of marriage.  And then she clearly points out the apparent hypocrisy:

“Has anyone noticed that there is this special little area carved out where the Bible’s teachings must be enshrined in U.S. law, but only when it applies to others, i.e. gay people?

It seems as if Christians have enough issues to deal with in their own community on the issue of promoting marriage.

Perhaps Christian leaders such as Warren and Dobson should spend less time trying to prevent a tiny percentage of the population from having the right to marry, and help Christians get their own house in order.”  (go here for the whole article)