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Matthew Vines is a 22 year old gay man who grew up in a conservative Christian community that taught same sex relationships were sinful even if they were loving and monogamous.  As a young man who was serious about his faith he committed himself to thousands of hours of research and study about the Bible and homosexuality. As someone who upheld Scripture as authoritative for Christian faith, he didn’t want to accept easy answers that failed to do justice to the biblical text.

After having invested thousands of hours into research, Matthew gave a presentation at a Methodist church in Wichita, KS., created a video of that presentation and made it available on YouTube.  It is a little over an hour long (the video above is a 4 minute trailer for the presentation) and a lot to absorb but it is an excellent tool if someone is serious about looking at what scripture has to say about homosexuality.

When Matthew was wrestling with coming out he noticed that there weren’t many, if any, single resources explaining the passages that are often used to support the idea that even healthy, loving same sex relationships are wrong. He wanted something that he could share with his conservative friends to watch and consider so he set out to make his own.

I think it is an excellent tool and resource and hope to see it’s availability widely circulated.  Therefore, feel free to pass the information around.

The full length video can be viewed here.

Matthew has also created a manuscript of the presentation that can be found here.

(read more of his story in this Huffington Post article)