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“The glory of God is a person fully alive.”  – Irenaeus

I wonder how we become fully alive if we are not who we really are in all realms of life?  – Reverend Karen Brau

Over decades of ministry the congregation at Luther Place Memorial Church has talked about and then lived out a specific type of welcome called “biblical hospitality.”

The Rev. Karen Brau, serves as Senior Pastor of Luther Place Memorial Church on Thomas Circle in Washington, DC. Rev. Brau arrived in DC after leading Lutheran congregations in the inner city of Baltimore for 18 years. She has a heart for God and people and seeks ways to creatively make real God’s message of love, compassion and justice for the world.

“I am a big fan of rainbows. I look for them after every storm, and rainbows have showed up in my life in tough times and in times of celebration. For their wonder, power and beauty, rainbows are an appropriate sign of the GLBTQ community. As a biblical symbol, they remind us of God‘s promise to love us always and to never abandon us, even when the storms seem unrelenting. Put rainbows and biblical hospitality together and you get, Rainbow Hospitality!”  – Reverend Karen Brau

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