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Stories have the power to change the world … they inspire us, teach us, connect us. This is the ninth installment in the “Stories That Change The World” series.


In the fall of 2013, Pastor Danny Cortez was driving his 15 year-old son, Drew, to high school. The song “Same Love” by Macklemore came on the radio and Drew’s dad asked, “Drew, who sings this song?” Drew responded, “Macklemore, why Dad?” “Oh because I like what he has to say,” replied his dad. Drew was shocked, “Really Dad? You like this song?” His dad heard the shock in Drew’s voice and explained, “Yeah, I no longer believe what I used to believe.”

A few minutes later, in the high school parking lot, Drew came out as gay to his Southern Baptist, pastor, father.

Drew’s story has been changing the world ever since. 

This past school year, Drew and his family were asked to leave their homeschool group. It was Drew’s senior year and he was disappointed that he would miss his graduation ceremony. His family, who have stood with him every step of the way, told him they would do their own graduation ceremony for him…and they did.

This is Drew’s graduation speech presented in the form of a poem he wrote called “Introductions”.

Drew’s heart speaks of what so many LGBT kids go through.

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Special message for any moms of lgbt kids reading this:

If you are interested in joining a private Facebook group for Christian moms of LGBT kids send an email to lizdyer55@gmail.com and put Mom’s Facebook Group as the subject. The group presently has more than 500 members and is a place where moms of lgbt kids share a lot of support, encouragement and information with one another.