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I have a private Facebook group for moms of lgbt kids. The group is Serendipitydodah for Moms and presently has more than 1,200 moms in the group. It’s a wonderful community of moms who are trying to be the best moms they can be and who love their kids fiercely. The group is a place where we share a lot of support, encouragement and wisdom. The following are all things that were actually said to moms in the Facebook group. 


Did you let him play with dolls?

Have you taken him to see a good therapist?

Have you spent enough time in the Word or in prayer?

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

It’s ok as long as he remains celibate.

Just pray and she will someday be straight.

Someone like a teacher must have taken away his innocence.

I love your son, but believe it is a sin!

Are you worried about leaving him alone with his little brothers?

He’ll grow out of it. It’s a phase.

He’s only 16, how does he “know” he’s gay … I’m assuming he’s never had gay sex?

Do you want your son to go to hell?

I told you when you let him have that baby doll he cried for at 3 yrs old this would happen.

Have you heard about this thing called the “Exodus ministry”?

The reason you have cancer is that you are condoning sin in your home.

Oh, how sad that he will never have kids.

That is the same as being a liar or a thief.

I know she thinks she’s gay.

Well, we all have our own sins and that’s her sin.

Something must have happened to her as a child – and you just don’t know about it!

Do you think it’s from lack of attention?

Are you sure?

It’s rebellion.

She just needs to meet the right guy.

When did he decide that?

Should he be playing with those younger boys?

I don’t want my son around THAT!

Pray for a miracle.

It’s a lie Satan has told him.

Oh what a shame, he was such a nice boy too!

This might not have happened if she hadn’t gone away so far for college.

She was so pretty as a girl.

He “turned” gay because he didn’t have a father figure around!

It’s not right, even the animals know THAT!

You mothered him too much.

That’s why he has his illness.

You should not support him or you will go to Hell too.

You must let her know you love her but you do not approve of her!

If he remembers the goal of eternal life he will want to live a clean life without sin.

Well, it’s not part of God’s plan but yes we should still love him.

Well, you know how we feel about it but we love him and he’s such a sweet kid.

He is not gay. It’s just a demon possession.

We are so glad he & his boyfriend never do anything around us to make us uncomfortable.

It will hate you when it grows up.

So who is the “bride” in the wedding?

I knew you’d make him gay when you allowed him to sleep in your bed when he was little.

Oh…..well……so how’s everything else going for you?

Kids say they’re gay because being a gay kid means they’ll be popular at school.

Eternity is a long time for living in the now.

I’m ok with homosexuality as long as they don’t flaunt it in front of me.

I’ve heard that a gay minister got extensive therapy and is no longer gay.

As long as he doesn’t act “that way” around grandpa!

Well it’s not a sin if you’re an asshole, but it is a sin if you act on it!

You’ll lose God’s anointing over your home.

All babies are born perfect, something must have happened after the womb.

You know, we used to say that those people were deviants.

What does he say about “those” verses?

Never stop praying!

Isn’t there a camp or something he can go to – to learn how to change?

I guess you have to love your son no matter what; just like you would if he were in prison for rape or murder.

We love him, but we don’t believe it’s God’s best.

Oh, I think they are demon-possessed.

We all have a cross to carry.

My son is in trouble with drugs but I’d rather be in my shoes than yours.

She’s so pretty. She could have any boy she wants.

We can’t attend the wedding because it doesn’t honor God.

You’re teaching a false gospel.

We still love him but we can’t accept his lifestyle choices.

The bible clearly says……..

When I pray for her, God says she’s doing it for attention.

Until she repents we ask that she not pray for others or share at church.

You have such a kind, wonderful son even though he is gay.

Of course we love HER, but…

Do you think he decided to be gay since he was bullied so much.

It’s this whole college thing, it changes these kids today.

Gay people can’t go to heaven.

It’s not even like she loves sports or guy things. Why not just dress more androgynous?

Why does he have to act that way.

Maybe he’ll change.

Why does he want to be a girl?

You have to be PRO LGBT, he’s your son!

We know he was born this way, but sin is sin.

I’m ok with “it” as long as no one shoves it down my throat.

The Bible says……

Nothing at all … just silence.

(Stay tuned for the next segment “What WOULD moms of LGBT kids like to hear?“)

Serendipitydodah for Moms is a private Facebook group that was created for open minded Christian moms who have LGBT kids and want to develop and maintain healthy, loving, authentic relationships with their LGBT kids. In addition to providing a confidential space for members to share info and support one another, a special guest is added each month for a few days. The guests include authors, pastors, LGBT people, bloggers and public speakers.  If you are the mom of an LGBT kid and are interested in becoming a part of the community please email  lizdyer55@gmail.com and use “Mom’s Facebook Group” for the subject.