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In his book, “Gay Awareness: Discovering the Heart of God and the Mind of Christ on Sexuality”, Landon Schott, a young hip pastor out of Austin, TX, demonstrates a severe lack of understanding when it comes to human sexuality by ignoring what medical and mental health professionals have to say on the subject. He also doesn’t bother with original language or historical context when interpreting scripture and makes up stuff out of the blue declaring that LGBT people and those who advocate for them are deceived and possessed by demons.

Not only does Schott twist scripture and ignore facts but he goes on to say LGBT people often fail to believe that God has “delivered” them from being gay because they are unaware that they are dealing with many demons – tens of thousands of demons … maybe even millions of demons.

He writes, “There is not just one spirit of homosexuality, SSA, immorality, perversion, and more. No person knows how many. But we can give a biblical guess the there are tens of thousands, possibly millions. There are a lot. So when you have the similar temptations or feeling, the devil immediately says, ‘See, you’re not really delivered. You’re still gay. You’ll always be gay.’ The truth is, you were delivered. You defeated that demonic spirit and temptation … There isn’t just one spirit of same-sex temptation or of lust. There are many. The devil wants you to be discouraged by your feelings of temptation when you should be encouraged. God delivered you from the previous temptation. He will deliver you from the next temptation.” (p. 199)

As a mother of a son who is gay and who loves my son enough to seek out what professionals have to say about human sexuality and study scripture thoughtfully and thoroughly I can tell you there is absolutely nothing in scripture, in real life or in medicine or science to prop up what Schott is saying.

If I made up stuff like Schott does he would be appalled.

Schott isn’t “delivering” anyone from anything but he is delivering LGBT people into something – he is delivering them into hopelessness, self-loathing and desperation. He is promoting a message that is shame based. He is spreading the lie that LGBT people are broken, need to be fixed and that sexual orientation can be changed.  Those messages are not just false – they are toxic and deadly. They are poison to the very souls of LGBT people. The kind of message that Schott is preaching causes young LGBT people to take their own lives. Schott’s message is producing death – emotional death, spiritual death, relational death and even physical death.

Good theology should produce good fruit – good theology should produce good psychology.

When our theology is producing hopelessness, despair, self-loathing, self-destruction and self-harm it is time to stand up and say “we must have something wrong!!!”

My message to Landon Schott is this:

Landon Schott, Your tongue has the power of life and death. Choose wisely.


I have a private Facebook group for Christian moms of lgbt kids. The group presently has more than 1,000 members. We share a lot of love and support in the community we have together. We focus on helping each other learn to develop and maintain healthy, loving, authentic relationships with our kids and inspiring one another to play a small part in making the world a kinder, safer, more loving place for lgbt people to live into the people they were created to be. We help each other through the difficult times and we celebrate with each other in the good times. We laugh together, we cry together, we learn and grow together. Moms of lgbt kids who are interested in joining the group can email me at lizdyer55@gmail.com (please put “Moms Facebook Group” as the subject).