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Happy National Coming Out Day!!

I love this day but I never want anyone to feel pressure to come out.

I have people contact me all throughout the year, but especially around this day, to talk about coming out.

I always tell them they should keep their personal safety in mind when thinking about coming out.

My advise is come out if you are ready and if you think you will be safe but safety should be the first priority.

Some LGBTQ youth are wise to wait until they are out on their own before coming out. I know of LGBTQ youth who have been kicked out of their homes or denied help with higher education or isolated from their support groups when they came out. Being in the closet is hard but sometimes it is necessary for a period of time.

I also realize that there is a right time for parents to come out as affirming and supportive of their kids. Sometimes relationships need to be managed and sometimes jobs are at stake. Each person and family has to weigh the risks.

The timing needs to be right.

But I do think we should all be working towards being out and helping our kids be out because keeping secrets takes a great toll on people. Keeping secrets, hiding who you are and what you really think and believe affects the ability to form intimate connections and causes a lot of anxiety on a daily basis.

When people can be themselves, live authentically, share honestly and live into the person they were created to be they are always healthier in every way.



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