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Pansexuality or Omnisexuality can be defined as romantic and/or sexual attraction to a person regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. This includes cisgender and transgender men and women, non-binary people, people who are agender, bigender, genderqueer and all who fall outside of the gender binary. Pansexuals are often described as being “gender blind”

However, it’s important to keep in mind that pansexuality can mean different things to different people, which can make pinning down a definition that fits everyone challenging.

Pansexual people often say their attractions are about “heart not parts” and explain that the physical aspect and gender identity of a person do not factor into their attractions. However, others who identify as pansexuals may express that  even though gender may “play a part” in who they are attracted no identity is necessarily excluded from their realm of possible attraction.

The best thing to do is remember that pansexuality is a broad and flexible term that can be claimed by many people.

Always listen to what someone who identifies as pansexual tells you pansexuality means to them and respect their explanation and boundaries.