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It’s not uncommon for parents of trans kids to resist accepting their new reality. Parents of trans kids often talk to me about struggling to use their child’s correct pronouns and new names. They often tell me they feel uncomfortable, sad and afraid.

Although their feelings are common and they deserve support, understanding and encouragement I always emphasize that it is vitally important that their trans kids receive enthusiastic support from them IMMEDIATELY!

I always emphasize how vital it is for parents to demonstrate ENTHUSIASTIC support of their trans kids immediately by doing things like using new names and correct pronouns.

In a recent study, researchers found that when transgender youth have parents that enthusiastically support them and use their new name and correct pronouns the youth’s risk of suicide and depression decreases significantly.

I suggest that parents apologize sincerely if they mess up and acknowledge any anger or hurt feelings by saying something like: “I don’t blame you for being angry at me or hurt when I mess up. I’m determined to get this right because it’s important to me too”

An enthusiastic supportive attitude from a parent improves the way trans youth think about themselves, how they cope with their own anxiety and how they cope with all the challenges they face.

It also improves their ability to avoid drug use, addiction, alcohol abuse, irresponsible sexual activity, self harm and suicidal ideation and attempts.

I emphasize these things because I want the best for all parents and their children.

Using correct pronouns and new names can be hard fir some parents, but knowing a child’s well being is at risk can give parents the determination, strength and fortitude to do the right thing no matter how hard it is because that is what parents do.

As parents we love our kids enough to do the right thing even when it’s hard … because nothing is more important than making sure our kids are as healthy and happy and well adjusted as possible! ❤️

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