I often get asked for a list of resources for parents of LGBTQ kids. One of the best things about having a private *Facebook group for moms of LGBTQ kids is all the great resources we share with one another!!

You can get to the Resources by clicking on the links below or you can access them from the “Resources” tab at the top of the page.


Fully Inclusive Faith Communities

LGBT Organizations that offer support & info

LGBTQ Youth Camps

Sex Ed Sites that are Inclusive of LGBTQ People

Trans Specific Resources

Helpful & Informative Sites

Links to individual blog posts, articles, studies, documents


Special Occasions

Videos and Audios

*Serendipitydodah for Moms is a private Facebook group for moms of lgbt kids. The group is secret so that only members can find it or see what is posted in the group. The group was started in June 2014 and presently has more than 1,700 members as of April 2017. The space was specifically created for open minded Christian moms who have LGBT kids and want to develop and maintain healthy, loving, authentic relationships with their LGBT kids. For more info email