10 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Mary Jane Kennedy said:

    Liz, your wonderful site is opening up my wounded heart. I have been involved in and taught an interdenominational Bible study for 35 years. Tomorrow will be the first day that I will not be there. The Assistant Teacher will teach, probably for the rest of this year. Can’t go back to my church because after the HRC videos came out, the pastor wanted me to go into the pulpit with him and ‘set the record straight’ of my belief in full scripture. I could not do it. Anyway, at 61, I am trusting God to recreate me. The closet life for me was certainly easier….but it was a lie. So glad your site, books and stories are here for my new ‘chapter’!!

  2. Mary Jane, I am sorry that I didn’t see this encouraging note until today. Your kind words mean so much to me. Of course I take little credit for what we have together in the Serendipitydodah for Moms group as the members of that group are what make it a life giving force and I am as blessed as anyone there because of the love, support and encouragement of so many brave and beautiful moms!

  3. Dear Beth I have watched you for the past 2 yrs. This is the first time I have written to anyone about this.My son and I do not like each other very much to be honest hate is a better word I don”t know how we got here. I am 64 back injury in more than I can stand, My son owns the house I live in there”to much to tell He is 40 and he just can”t heal he is putttig me out he knows I have no where to go. He does not need the money he has a good job money i”ts about hurting me I am a christain I have often wished I could have a conversation witg you PLEASE PRAY for us .Deborah

  4. Anna Parks said:

    Your website is an Amazing breath of fresh air!! Especially after dealing with trying to find a loving church that sees my daughter as one of Gods amazing creations. Just the way she is! It was so needed today. Thank You!!

  5. My name is Gabriela. My 17 years old son just came out as a gay couple if months ago and Im looking for some support please!!!

  6. Carolyn J Scott said:

    I am so thankful for the support and community we all have found in the Mama Bears. Thank you for filling the need.
    I would like to add my church in Fresno, CA to the list of inclusive faith communities. Is there a specific way to do that?
    Once again, thank you for your work.
    Carolyn Scott

  7. Emma Bowles said:


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