Links to Individual Posts, Articles, Studies & Documents

The Church & Full Sacramental LGBT Inclusion by Pastor Stan Mitchell of Gracepointe Church – I recommend that everyone listen to this. Stan delivered this message after he led his church to be fully inclusive of LGBT people. It is wonderful and has helped so many understand how fully including LGBT people is completely in line with scripture and the tenets of Christianity.

The Clobber Verses – a concise, thorough, easy to understand explanation of the clobber verses.

Stages of Faith – If you are struggling with your Christian faith because of questions and doubts read this. So many people read this and say things like “YES! This explains my experience!!!” Or “I didn’t realize that I was going through a normal stage of growth!” Or “I feel so much better knowing that my experience means I’m growing in my faith instead of losing my faith!!”

A Parable by David Gushee

A PIECE OF MY HEART – Messages from Moms of LGBTQ Kids – messages from Serendipitydodah moms

Confessions: Anti-LGBT Rhetoric and the Dynamics of Abuse in Evangelical Christianity by Nate Sparks

How Love Wins: Moms of LGBTQ Children Share Their Stories, Part 1 by John Pavlovitz – these are stories that Serendipitydodah moms shared with John and gave him permission to share on his blog. The link to part 2 can be found at the end of this post.

If I have LGBTQ children (Four promises from a Christian Pastor/Parent) by John Pavlovitz

Shouting into the Wind: Words from the hearts of Christian moms with LGBTQ kids by Jon Pavlovitz – these are words from Serendipitydodah moms

A Peek Inside The Closet: Growing Up Gay In Conservative America

Creating safe, caring and supportive learning environments for our kids

National HIV/AIDS Strategy – Updated to 2020

Unfolding Miracles: Human Sexuality – Dr. Joani Jack from Chattanooga sexual orientation and gender identity

Human Sexuality Bibliography – a collection of medical resources regarding sexuality and gender

Gay Genes and The Twin Study

Human Rights Campaign debunking Paul McHughes report

10 ways to make schools safe for all students

Books exploring the intersection of faith and transgenderism

Abomination, The meaning of To’ebah. Abomination was something that went against Jewish culture, like eating shellfish. Not a ‘sin’. This information comes from Jewish culture, not modern Christian culture.

LGBT Common Terms

Pride Sermon July 3,2013

An open letter to the Church from a Gay Christian

Taking God at his word – The Bible and homosexuality by John Shore

Faith In Our Families– booklet from PFLAG

Our Daughters And Sons – booklet from PFLAG

Our Trans Loved Ones – booklet from PFLAG

2014-guide to being a trans ally – PFLAG guide to being a trans ally

Trans 101  – outline that can be used for a presentation

Trans Pronoun Chart

Trans Etiquette

Call me Seth – A Yarmouth County Transgender Teen’s Story

Transgender teen talks about bullying in a powerful video

This is what trans looks like – transgender men and women share stories

A biblical case for embracing transgenders

Research – Gender Identity/BrainSweet-Thank-You for Fortune 500 Cos with Top CEI Score 12.15.16

Helping Families Support Their LGBT Children

Coming out stages

Family Acceptance Project

What the bible says about celibacy

1946 – Homosexual Appears in Bible

Advice to Parents/Friends of Transgender Individuals

Psychological Science Article – A study with 32 transgender children, ages 5 to 12, indicates that the gender identity of these children is deeply held and is not the result of confusion about gender identity or pretense.

Creating Gender Inclusive School Culture – includes Gender Inclusive Language and resources