Sex Ed Sites that are Inclusive

Sex Ed Sites that are Inclusive

Amaze.Org -AMAZE takes the awkward out of sex ed. Real info in fun, animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know about sex, your body and relationships.

Northwestern University – IMPACT – The LGBT Health and Development Program – Sexual Health Resources

University of Wisconsin LGBT Resource Center – Relationships and Sex

Workshops for LGBTQ Teens & Youth – Love Your Body, Healthy Relationships, & Safer Sex

Scarlateen – sex ed for the real world

OWL – Our Whole Lives –  from – a series of fully inclusive sexuality education programs for six age groups: grades K-1grades 4-6grades 7-9,  grades 10-12, Young Adultsand Adults.

Talking Sex, Puberty & Relationships – a resource for parents – from planned parenthood – a great resource to help parents be their kid’s go-to resource for answers and advice, from pre-K to college.

Before Play – is the hub for Colorado and Michigan efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies, promote good sexual and reproductive health and well-being, and help “normalize” conversations about these topics.

Teen Source – Great source for teens. This website has it all: tons of info on healthy relationships, gender identity, STDs, birth control, your legal rights, and more.

Stay Teen – Tips for teens on how to talk to their doctor about sex and their health, The site includes games, quizzes & relationship forums,

Sex Etc – Sex ed for teens. has comprehensive sex ed information including: Stories written by teen staff writers and national contributors.
Opportunities to get involved and make a difference on sexual health issues.
The Sex, Etc. blog which addresses timely and relevant news. Forums where teens can participate in moderated discussions with other teens. “Sex in the States,” which is a state-by-state guide to teens’ rights to sex education, birth control and more.
Videos about sexual health. A Sex Terms glossary of almost 400 terms. Accessibility on mobile and tablet devices.

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