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Who gives a damn?

Cyndi Lauper gives a damn.

She gives a damn about advancing support for the GLBT community, she gives a damn about getting laws passed that protect the GLBT community, she gives a damn about public awareness and education regarding GLBT equality, she gives a damn about GLBT youth who endure bullying, are homeless because they have been rejected by their family and who end up contemplating suicide because of being assaulted for who they are.

“I grew up in the civil rights movement in the ‘60s where I saw a large group of people treated in a way no human beings should ever be treated. But what I also saw was white people standing with black people saying this is not right and it has to end,” Lauper said. “I learned then that we all have to stand up for those in the minority,we all have to stand up for the underdog. Right now that underdog is the gay community.”

Because Cyndi gives a damn her True Colors Fund launched the Give A Damn Campaign to spur straight support for GLBT equality.

“In my life I’ve crossed paths with many different people and I’ve seen firsthand what it means to be discriminated against,” said Cyndi Lauper, True Colors Fund co-founder. “I’ve come to realize equality means a lot to people who don’t have it and that, as a straight person, I have a responsibility to stand up for gay and transgender people each and every day. We all have to get involved; we all have to give a damn.”

“Our focus is to open a dialogue with everyone, especially the straight community, who may not be fully aware of the inequality facing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans. The Give a Damn Campaign will help bridge that gap,” said True Colors Fund Executive Director Gregory Lewis. “’Equality for all is the basis upon which this country was built and it can only be achieved if we all get informed and get involved.”

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