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The Mama Bear Story Project is a collection of portraits and autobiographical essays from members of Serendipitydodah for Moms – a private Facebook group for open minded Christian moms of LGBTQ kids.


I’ve heard it said “when a gay child comes out of the closet, the parents go into theirs.” It’s true. I spent five years in “that closet” tending to my heart that was willing to fully embrace my son while wrestling with my faith and the spiritual implications that condemned him.

My name is Sara Cunningham and my son Parker is gay. He officially came out to me when I was in the middle of a personal split from a church I called home for 20 years and at the same time the world’s attention was on the Gay/Human Rights conflict between the Church and State.

I now know what it feels like to be walking in the wilderness in the form of alienation from church and society and searching for the Promised Land in the form of hope and acceptance.

It took me five years to go on a twenty block journey that started at the church located at NW 16th and Villa and ended at the Pride Parade at NW 39th and Penn. I was longing for the Lord’s favor and found that it never left me or my son. It was at Oklahoma City Pride parade that I stood alongside my husband in support of our gay son that inspired the writings of the last chapter in my book “How We Sleep at Night – A mother’s memoir”.

Some pivotal moments in coming to terms with accepting my gay child included:

 1. Seeing others accept my son when I couldn’t or wouldn’t.

2.  Hearing my son say the words “I’ve sucked it up for 21 years being your son and now I need you to suck it up and be my mom.”

3.  Realizing that no one has searched the Scriptures, the heart of God or themselves more than the LGBTQ Christian or their mother.

Today I am not only the proud, loving Mom of an LGBTQ child, I hope to be a powerful advocate and ally.

I offer “Free Mom Hugs” at Pride parades and am committed to putting a face on the Transgender community, one that I consider to be precious and most misunderstood.

At the moment I’m working with some other Mama Bears to organize a Free Mom Hugs Tour that will start in Oklahoma City and, if all goes as planned, will end at the famous Stonewall Inn in New York City on Mother’s day.

(Go here for more info on the Free Mom Hugs Tour)


Serendipitydodah for Moms is a private Facebook group for moms of LGBTQ kids. Our official motto is “We Are Better Together” and our nickname is “Mama Bears” The group is set up so only members can see who is in the group and what is posted there.It was started in June 2014 and presently has more than 1,600 members. For more info email lizdyer55@gmail.com